Top Tips for Writing GREAT Music

A light-hearted and comedic series of videos demonstrating some of the lesser-known do’s and don’t’s when attempting to write instrumental music.

Episode one | TIPS 1-10

A compilation of the first 10 tips in a light-hearted series to help you write the GREATEST music ever.

These ten tips cover everything from the realities of choosing a tempo, time signature and key, to the impracticalities of notation and performance. They will teach you some uncommon ideas that people often don’t think to share. You will even learn to think of your musicians as you write and how they might interpret your music.

However, the key is always: Never take anything for granted when writing music! It is a creative process and at the end of the day you are free to write as you wish.

All music is written by me and can be heard in full over at SoundCloud: