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Released: 21 January 2019
Genre: Orchestral Soundtrack
Theme: Nautical, Ambient, Melodic
Description: A series of eight pieces that depict a magnificent nautical journey into the unknown. The music creates atmosphere with tales of bad weather, rough sailing, feasts, dances and memories of home. The music ends with a celebration of the successful journey and a brief tale of the return journey home.

Adventure_RPG OST

Released: 16 November 2016
Genre: Orchestral Soundtrack
Theme: Adventurous, Ambient, Video Game
Description: A collection of music written for a lightweight coding project. The music depicts adventures made out of the safe village and into the fields, forests and caves beyond. It includes both relaxing “village” music and intense “battle” music.


Released: 17 May 2015
Genre: Piano/Orchestral Serenades
Theme: Gentle, Imagery, Serenades
Description: A number of serenades written out of gratefulness for the people who have played a significant and important role in my life. Each pieces is dedicated to a person or group and contains many small references in honour of the recipient.


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