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Camiel van Schoonhoven is a musician and composer from New Zealand. He is entirely self-taught and has been writing and publishing music online for over five years. His speciality is modern-day orchestral music, with heavy influence from the film and video game musical genres. His composition style is typically very melodic and thematic.

Camiel’s musical background is as a brass musician. When he was 10 he wanted to quit swimming, as a compromise to doing something ‘useful’, rather than playing video games in his after school time his mom gave him her Getzen trumpet she used to play as a teen. Camiel never looked back. Within half a year he was playing in the local youth orchestra.

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Camiel currently identifies as a self-taught pianist. His performance style is very leisurely and improvised. He plays without any music in front of him, simply letting the music direct itself. This makes him a fantastic fit for background music at weddings, parties and other social functions as he can play for long periods of time and quickly adapt the music to the atmosphere.

He is currently available for freelance projects and performances. In the meantime, put on your headphones and come explore Camiel’s world!

CV available upon request.

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