Travel: Europe


I am currently right in the midst of a modest adventure of central Europe. Already, I have visited the likes of Amsterdam, Lisbon and Stockholm. Soon, I will be making my way also to Germany and Spain. Every place is a unique experience and constantly I am gathering inspiration and ideas for new music.

My journey through Europe thus far has been very music-focussed. Before I had even made it four hours out of New Zealand I was playing a baby grand piano in the middle of Brisbane Airport, much to the delight of airport patrons - many of whom thanked me for the experience even after we landed in Abu Dhabi. Then, in Amsterdam I met the Nintendo Labo, a cardboard piano powered by the Nintendo Switch. In Stockholm I visited the headquarters of Spotify and discovered a world where music is life.

All this time I have been making fantastic use of being away from New Zealand and the responsibilities it brings. I have been avidly writing music, even without a piano or keyboard to compose new ideas on. Even the keyboard app on my phones crashes every few minutes. Nevertheless, progress is being made toward my next project, and this trip to Europe will surely play a role in shaping the results.

See you in July, New Zealand!


Enjoying the music on the walls in downtown Stockholm.

Enjoying the music on the walls in downtown Stockholm.