Journey: Remastered Released!

New Music!

Five years after the release of his debut album Journey New Zealand composer Camiel van Schoonhoven has released an revised version.

To celebrate the occasion, Camiel decided to revisit the original album, updating the instrument sounds and tweaking a few passages. Most significantly, Camiel added a eight, bonus, track to the end, titled Epilogue. He explains that the piece is intended to add a note finality to the musical adventure, noting that the original music took listeners out on a journey, but never brought them back.

Epilogue is an upbeat and heroic piece, which Camiel says is a testament to the achievements of not only the story told within the music, but the story told within his own career.

Indeed, it is a fitting piece to celebrate five years of publishing music and alongside it Camiel released a video detailing his own journey to date, including inspirations, interesting facts and times of adversity.

You can watch the video below and the full revised album is available on Camiel’s SoundCloud here.