Have you heard? 03. Chevaliers de Sangreal

Have you heard? is a showcase for the unconventional, unique and inspiring music out there that never seems to get the limelight it deserves.

Chevaliers de Sangreal - Hans Zimmer (2006)

Everybody knows Hans Zimmer, the powerhouse of film composing. But not everybody knows all of his music. Shortly after helping Klaus Badelt write the first block of music for the Pirates of the Caribbean film series, Zimmer found himself writing for The DaVinci Code, a film based on a very popular novel where the protagonist deciphers a series of incredibly cryptic clues to save the world.

So how does an orchestra on a treasure hunt constitute an unconventional, unique or inspiring piece of music?

“Chevaliers de Sangreal” is one of those pieces where you feel the emotion building slowly over time, until it flows over into a crescendo of many feels. Zimmer’s mastery of the strings section is not lost in this piece. Starting gentle, the piece builds atmosphere with soft, but filling chords and harmonies. The string motif in the background brings a sense of continuity as the piece seemingly meanders through a variety of chords and builds in emotion. Eventually the choir even joins in. But for a piece where the rhythm and melody in every bar is just about the same, it stays relevant and interesting through dynamics, instrumentation and harmonies. Deep basses and horns fill out the chords and melodies, while strings and woodwind dance around to bring that extra little bit of embellishment. The piece itself is so simple, yet incredibly effective.

This piece has inspired me to explore the world of compositional and musical development in a different way. You don’t have to make something different to be interesting, just something more.

Happy listening and enjoy!